The Databrary Community

Databrary is home to developmental and education researchers who use video data as a core component in their research and who have been authorized by their institutions to access materials in the data library. More information about how to become authorized to access restricted Databrary resources can be obtained here.

Authorized investigators

View the authorized investigators who have joined the Databrary community, agreed to abide by the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities , and obtained authorization through their institution to access data. Authorized investigators can explore data, authorize affiliates, upload data and manage their ongoing studies, post clips or exemplars of their own work, and share their data with other authorized researchers.

Authorized institutions

View the institutions that have granted researchers authorized investigator status to access Databrary shared resources.

An institution grants authorized investigator status by verifying that it agrees to the Rights and Responsibilities of Institutions and by co-signing a researcher's Databrary Access Agreement.

Advisory Board

Learn about the members of our advisory board who provide valuable insight and guidance to assist the growth and expansion of this project.